In short form, WAJIBUs ToC states that “If citizens groups and their representatives are supported with accessible materials, training and media coverage of their cases, as well as high level back-up where there face problems, they will be able to exert effective pressure on duty bearers to implement CAG’s recommendations and hence end the misuse of public resources”

The following diagram provides a visual representation of WAJIBU’s Theory of Change indicating the conceptual logic from inputs to impact.

Aims and Objectives

  1. In achieving the vision and mission of WIPA, it’s overall aim is to empower citizens firstly to understand the concept of accountability,to demand for them where they feel that they are lacking in the goveremnt’s operations
  2. This will be realised through the implementation of the following specific objectives:
  3. The Tanzanian public understands the concepts of public accountability and good governance
  4. Public demand for proper action in response to findings of accountability and good governance as reported by the country’s oversight organs and think tank institutions.
  5. The Tanzanian public is accorded opportunities to participate in the country’s accountability and good governance agenda
  6. Experience of retired public servants on accountability and good governance issues is effectively utilised
  7. WAJIBU is well-established as a professional and respected think tank on the country’s accountability and good governance agenda