To attain its mission WAJIBU intends to produce Accountability report yearly as one of its products. These reports will be categorized into three reports which are for MDAs, Public Authorities and Local Government. The reports intended to take CAG recommendations with high public interest issues (the criteria for selecting a high public interest issue are:  impact to society- how it affect the large number of people in a certain society and issues which affect developing sectors i.e Agriculture, Industry) and also these reports are in a user friendly language with Cartons and Pictograms which are sufficient to carry the CAG’s intended message to the public. The report will be prepared with a view of making the CAG reports more easily understandable to the majority of Tanzanians and the society at large.



  1. WAJIBU’s Accountability Reports are expected to realize the following outcomes
  2. Increase understanding of the society on the recommendations issued by the CAG and their impact in their day to day lives.
  3. Increase accessibility of the CAG recommendations to the society through the Accountability Report.
  4. Citizens will be well informed and demand for accountability and good governance in proper collection and use of public resources.
  5. Duty bearers will be more accountable on the collection and use of public resources.
  6. Increase in the implementation of CAG’s recommendations.
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