Safeguarding/Whistleblower policy

At WAJIBU, we strive to create a secure environment conducive to accountability and good governance in public resource management across the country. In our endeavour to foster a robust and safe movement, we urge our staff, volunteers (facilitators), members, and the public to feel empowered in reporting any instances of misconduct by individuals associated with WAJIBU.
Misconduct encompasses various forms, including but not limited to harassment, abuse, bullying, fraud, theft, and corruption dangers, risks, malpractices, or wrongdoings that may impact individuals, others, or WAJIBU's resources. To ensure transparency and accountability, we offer two avenues for reporting such behaviour:

Option 1:Direct Reporting to WAJIBU management


Reports can be submitted directly to the WAJIBU Board of Director's Chairperson or WAJIBU's Executive Director via email. These addresses are accessible solely to them:

Board of Director's Chairperson:

Executive Director: or

This channel is open to all, including staff, members, interns, volunteers (facilitators), and individuals associated with WAJIBU or the public. All reports will be handled confidentially. Matters involving staff will be addressed in accordance with WAJIBU's Policies and Procedures manual and Safeguarding Policy. Concerns related to WAJIBU members will be handled in alignment with the Constitution, Safeguarding Policy, Whistle blower policy and procedures outlined by the WAJIBU's Disciplinary Committee.

Option 2: External Whistleblowing Platform


Alternatively, individuals may choose to report wrongdoing within WAJIBU through an external, anonymous channel provided by or +44 (0)1355 843747 This platform ensures multiple routes for reporting information anonymously. At WAJIBU, we prioritize accountability and transparency in our pursuit of a transparency and accountability in the collection and use of public resource. We encourage everyone to utilize these reporting mechanisms to uphold our shared values and ensure a safe and inclusive environment within WAJIBU. This version emphasizes the commitment to transparency and accountability within WAJIBU, providing clear avenues for reporting misconduct while safeguarding the anonymity and confidentiality of those who come forward.

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