What is WAJIBU – Institute of Public Accountability

WAJIBU – Institute of Public Accountability is a registered Non-governmental organization under the NGOs Act No.24 of 2002 with Registration No.00056. WAJIBU is an established think-tank institution founded with the purpose of fostering an environment that supports and promotes public accountability in Tanzania.

WAJIBU founders believe that mobilizing public engagement on the issue of public accountability is key to ensuring that progress made so far in the Public Financial Management sector is consolidated and maintained. This will only be achieved if the accountability agenda in the country is people centered; owned, managed and driven by people themselves which involves following up on the collection and use of public resources with the view of maximizing their impact in the country’s development process. The people should be in a better position to understand and demand accountability from duty bearers.

How we work

WAJIBU works by generating tailored simplified and user friendly accountability information and disseminates them to the ordinary citizens through Local CSOs. WAJIBU also builds capacity of relevant actors on the accountability agenda including Media, Higher Learning Institutions, Duty Bearers, Elected Representatives and local CSOs in the field of financial accountability.

Our Partners

In performing its duties, WAJIBU collaborates with the Government through its Institutions, CSOs/NGOs, Parliamentary Oversight Committees, media and Public Oversight Institutions.

In its day to day accountability activities, WAJIBU is being supported by Development Partners such as; Embassy of Sweeden Dar es Salaam, Royal Norwegian Embassy,  Embassy of Switzerland in Tanzania,  US Embassy and GIZ


Uzinduzi wa Ripoti za Uwajibikaji

Uzinduzi wa Ripoti za Uwajibikaji

Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali (Mstaafu) ambae kwa sasa ni Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa WAJIBU - Institute of Public Accountability Bw. Ludovick Utouh ametaja athari zinazoweza kujitokeza ikiwa Serikali itashindwa kutekeleza mapendekezo yanayotolewa na CAG....




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