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1.Citizens and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are actively engaged in demanding public financial accountability from duty bearers

At the core of its mission, WAJIBU endeavors to empower citizens, enabling them to actively participate in advocating for public financial accountability. This comprehensive initiative encompasses a range of activities aimed at fostering citizen engagement and ensuring transparency in governance.
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2. Enhancing Capacity of Media, Youth, CSOs, Duty Bearers, and Elected Representatives in the Practice of Public Financial Accountability

Recognizing the crucial role played by various stakeholders in fostering public financial accountability, WAJIBU places significant emphasis on capacity building. This involves a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of media professionals, youth at Higher Learning Institution, civil society organizations (CSOs) dealing with Public Accountability, duty bearers, and elected representatives.
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3. Influencing Policy Change in Improving the Environment of Public Financial Accountability

As part of its mission to enhance public financial accountability, WAJIBU is committed to influencing policy changes that align with this objective. To achieve this, WAJIBU employs a multifaceted approach grounded in thorough research and analysis. By examining existing practices and identifying areas for improvement, WAJIBU develops evidence-based recommendations focused on enhancing transparency, and accountability in the management of public resources.
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4.Strengthening WAJIBU's Technical and Financial Capacity as an Effective Public Financial Accountability Think-Tank Institution

WAJIBU acknowledges the need to strengthen its own technical and financial capacity to effectively fulfill its role as a public finance accountability think-tank institution. WAJIBU invests in capacity building, research, and consultancy services to enhance its expertise in public accountability and governance. This strategic objective enables WAJIBU to provide high-quality research, advisory services, and support to government institutions, CSOs,
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