2. Enhancing Capacity of Media, Youth, CSOs, Duty Bearers, and Elected Representatives in the Practice of Public Financial Accountability

Recognizing the crucial role played by various stakeholders in fostering public financial accountability, WAJIBU places significant emphasis on capacity building. This involves a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of media professionals, youth at higher learning institutions, civil society organizations (CSOs) dealing with public financial accountability, duty bearers, and elected representatives.

To achieve this goal, WAJIBU implements tailored training programs, workshops and accountability lecture series. These initiatives are meticulously designed to provide participants with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the complexities of public financial accountability information. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of key concepts such as budgetary processes, financial reporting, and strategies for combating corruption.

Furthermore, WAJIBU ensures that these capacity-building activities address the specific needs and challenges faced by each stakeholder group. For media professionals, the focus may be on investigative reporting techniques and data analysis skills, enabling them to uncover financial irregularities and hold authorities accountable. Youth at higher learning institutions may receive training on effective advocacy strategies and ways to engage with policymakers to promote transparency and accountability.

Similarly, civil society organizations (CSOs) are equipped with the knowledge and tools to monitor public expenditure, advocate for policy reforms, and engage in collaborative efforts to strengthen accountability mechanisms. Duty bearers are trained to uphold ethical standards, adhere to financial regulations, and respond promptly to citizen demands for accountability. Elected representatives, entrusted with representing the interests of their constituents, are provided with comprehensive training on their roles and responsibilities in overseeing public finances. This includes understanding budget allocation processes, scrutinizing government expenditures, and promoting transparency within their respective constituencies.

Key Results/Outcomes

Enhanced capacity of CSOs and Media in tracking issues of public financial accountability
Improved implementation of oversight institutions recommendations by duty bearers
Built capacity of elected representative on interrogating matters of financial accountability and demand for the implementation of oversight institutions recommendations
Improved youth engagement in PFA and Anti - corruption issues at higher learning institutions

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