4.Strengthening WAJIBU's Technical and Financial Capacity as an Effective Public Financial Accountability Think-Tank Institution

WAJIBU acknowledges the need to strengthen its own technical and financial capacity to effectively fulfill its role as a public financial accountability think-tank institution. WAJIBU invests in capacity building, publications, research, and consultancy services to enhance its expertise in public financial accountability and governance. This strategic objective enables WAJIBU to provide high-quality research, advisory services, and support to government institutions, CSOs, and other stakeholders.

Moreover, WAJIBU aims to foster a culture of continuous learning, both internally and externally, facilitating effective communication and knowledge retention. A key focus area is diversifying funding sources to ensure long-term organizational sustainability.

Key Results/Outcomes

Increased internally generated resources to finance WAJIBU's operations
Strengthened governance structures including increased capacity of WAJIBU's staff, working tools and WAJIBU's members to enhance PFA agenda
Strengthened internal governance structure to support the implementation of WAJIBU's programs

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