1.Citizens and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are actively engaged in demanding public financial accountability from duty bearers

At the core of its mission, WAJIBU endeavors to empower citizens, enabling them to actively participate in advocating for public financial accountability. This comprehensive initiative encompasses a range of activities aimed at fostering citizen engagement and ensuring transparency and accountability in the proper management public resource.

Under this programmatic area, WAJIBU orchestrates multifaceted awareness sessions, strategically designed to inform and educate citizens about their rights and responsibilities concerning public financial matters. Through these sessions, WAJIBU endeavors to demystify complex financial reports, using accessible language and visuals to enhance citizens' comprehension.

Moreover, WAJIBU facilitates targeted training sessions, equipping citizens with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate financial documents effectively. These training programs not only enhance citizens' understanding of financial reports but also empowers them to actively engage with duty bearers and demand accountability.

Furthermore, WAJIBU undertakes the vital task of simplifying the oversight reports, transforming dense and jargon-laden documents into user-friendly formats through accountability reports. By presenting information in a clear and concise manner, WAJIBU aims to bridge the gap between citizens and financial data, thereby facilitating informed decision-making.

Through these concerted efforts, WAJIBU aspires to cultivate an informed and engaged citizenry capable of holding duty bearers accountable for their actions. By empowering citizens to actively participate in demanding public financial accountability, WAJIBU seeks to foster a culture of transparency and integrity in governance.

Key Results/Outcomes

Increased citizens participation through CSOs (women, youth and people with disabilities) in accountability forums and platforms.
Increased citizen's demand through CSO's on accountability from duty bearers
Enhance Media coverage on public financial accountability matters

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